First HOA Services LLC performs facilities maintenance. We can repair building components (exterior and interior) and help with preventative maintenance. 

In Texas with it’s the change of season and brutal summer heat and spring rain, it is important that exterior building envelope is checked for cracks in caulking and other areas, susceptible to water intrusion. Water and moisture is the number one problem for rotten wood, interior damage and other problems associated with water intrusion. Exterior buildings should be painted with a durable and good quality paint that will perform like a raincoat, to protect the building from moisture and water intrusion. 

Window flashing is extremely important to check for evidence of cracks or spaces where moisture intrusion can take place. In addition, roofing should be checked at valleys and flashing areas for premature failure where moisture can intrude into the building envelope. 

First HOA Services LLC can perform both preventative maintenance and building repairs. We also can repair site improvements and infrastructures like fences, walls, signage and other HOA property items. 


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